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Passion, guitar, Polka dots- Tablao Flamenco

Most people will tell you that if you are in Spain, you shouldn’t miss a flamenco show. However… Flamenco is not a Catalan tradition, and that’s why many believe that Barcelona is not the place to go for that. Well, the truth is that since Barcelona has a lot of Andalucia immigrants living here, they… Continue reading Passion, guitar, Polka dots- Tablao Flamenco

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Colouring for happiness

Very recently I was wondering how to get connected to my childhood passion of colouring. I have always loved art and crafts but was really bad at drawing. While stumbling I came across #secretgardencoloringbook and immediately ordered if from #amazon. When it arrived, it was amazing! Turning the pages gave me so much happiness, the… Continue reading Colouring for happiness