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Me & Milan – street art 

One of the best things travelling alone is… you get to do what you want and when you want. So, exactly what I did when I was in Milan. The first day, I did the usual visiting all the tourist spots, walking down the park, feeding the swans and playing with the turtles, spent the evening listening to street music while sipping on wine.  Savoring on some great gelato; I honestly couldn’t stop at one!! Well had to shop. Shoes!! 

I experienced my first ever opera show at La Scala. I didn’t understand anything, in the end it was the usual fairy tale ending 🙂 🙂 ; I cannot deny, it was one spectacular experience. 

On a Sunday, I decided to walk down the streets of Isola. Isola means ‘island’ in Italian. The Milan neighborhood that goes by the name of ‘Isola’ is exactly that; an urban island. Hemmed in on two sides by Garibaldi station and the rail tracks, Isola is an island in the physical sense of the word. It’s cut off – a separate entity, from the busy surrounds of Garibaldi, Corso Como and the gleaming Porta Nuova skyscrapers.

I’m someone who still doesn’t understand Google maps, in a way I think here it helped me and I walked into the streets with amazing street art. Than later I read about who the artist was. 
The streets of Isola, is filled with graffiti.

Zibe is the kind of street artist known as ‘bomberz’, that repeats the same imagery over and over again. Sure enough, as I wandered around, more and more Arnolds started to appear. A tiny one, on a traffic light pole. Another one near a street sign, and a giant one in the courtyard of Frida, a popular bar. The famous image is repeated to remind people not to forget the so-called ‘losers’, those on the bottom rung of this high-achiever society.

Unlike cities like  Athens and Berlin, where street art has become a tourist drawcard, many Milan street artists still work in secret, as the public opinion often sees street art as vandalism; there seems to be no distinction between street art and writing, the practice of covering walls with one’s ‘tag’ (pseudonym).

Next time when you are in Milan, watch out for some amazing art on the streets. 


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