The most thrilling driving experience- Iceland

Exactly a month ago, I was in Iceland. Driving around on never ending icy roads, looking at jaw dropping moon landscapes. The sun would rise at 10:30am, and would set shortly after 3pm – there was so little daylight. My husband and I would drive around every day, starting in the dark and ending in the dark. We would drive as far as we could to have the best views when the sun would be out.

 The temperatures dropped to -14°C. It was too cold to stay outside for more than 15 minutes, even with our winter coats, furry gloves, thick scarfs and soft beanies. We would jump out of the car, walk around, look at everything, absorb everything, and run back to the car again. We would jump inside, struggle with taking all those clothes off, turn the seat heating on maximum, and look at each other and smile.

Iceland is a country that can experience several different kinds of weather within one day, or even within one hour! One moment the sun will be shining and the next, you’ll be driving through a storm of hail, wind, and rain. In fact, the wind is so strong, it can blow a car door right off its hinges, seriously!

The great thing about the varied weather is it makes Iceland incredibly green and beautiful. Thanks to the rain, often followed directly after by sunlight, it’s the land of waterfalls and rainbows. Who doesn’t love waterfalls and rainbows? Personally, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t smile at both.

 We would lean back, switch on the heating and smile. I cannot  find the words to say how incredibly beautiful it was what we just saw. We tried – stumbling and repeating all the words which could possibly capture it, but they wouldn’t do justice.

It was a life-changing trip. Not only because of that view, which has never been more beautiful in my life, but because of everything – the experience, the coldness, the cosines with the two of us, the excitement, the adventure. But driving, in such extreme weather with a visibility less than 10m, and getting blown off the road by strong winds. 

It fits perfectly simply amazing, interesting, changing and shaping, and has meant more to me than I ever could have imagined.


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