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Passion, guitar, Polka dots- Tablao Flamenco

Most people will tell you that if you are in Spain, you shouldn’t miss a flamenco show. However… Flamenco is not a Catalan tradition, and that’s why many believe that Barcelona is not the place to go for that.

Well, the truth is that since Barcelona has a lot of Andalucia immigrants living here, they happen to have some of the best flamenco artists in Spain! Which means high-quality shows but… mostly only tourists watching them, because locals are not too interested unless it’s a flamenco superstar performing at a theater or a concert. 

My first live experience was at Tabalo Flamenco Cordobes Las Rambles. – an intimate language of flamenco demands a special environment with some necessary requirements in order to be understood in all its depth.

Its vaulted architecture, similar to a cave, amplifies the characteristic sound of flamenco acoustically, clean and free of the distortion caused by microphones and electronic amplification systems.
What an incredible show it was, expressing the emotions of women through anger, love, sadness and passion. You definitely don’t need to understand what they sing it’s how they perform. Simply Incredible! 

The Tablao inherits that legacy, it recreates the environment of those meetings, without microphones nor amplifiers that would distort the brilliant and characteristic sound of flamenco. 

My favorite part if I had to say were the guitarist, amazing Susana Casas &  Farru. 
The Tablao is to flamenco what a jazz club is to jazz: the ideal stage to enjoy the most authentic flamenco experience.

At the end of the show they allowed us to record a small portion of their performance. Enjoy this glymipse of what you could experience at Tabalo Flamenco Cordobes.
The next time you are in Barcelona, don’t miss the The Tablao. They have shows throughout the year and it’s perfect end to an evening after you have enjoyed Gaudi’s work.


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