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The changing colours of vineyards, the apple gardens with bright red apples teasing to be plucked from the “naked” trees, makes early morning walks in Sillenbuch breathtaking.

I find myself fortunate to live  in one of the authentic ancient villages of Stuttgart – Sillenbuch 

Sillenbuch has a beautiful combination of history, nature and the modern life.

My neighbour has been renovating an old swabian house dated from the 1800s. Its been 2 years and finally coming to an end now. The nice part is that its been reconstructed by her and her partner only.  Usually when we walk, we keep looking for ideas, colours, materials from other constructions near by. 

What interests me is, when everyone is moving (or should I dare say compelled) towards the modern chic look with pastels, straight lines, she is still maintaining the old charm of the building, age old stones, wooden shutters, old wood, low ceilings, inclined vintage windows with natural light even on a grey gloomy fall morning.

Ironically, mine is the last house of AltSillenbuch (Old Sillenbuch) and modern! My owners decided it’s better to ask a builder to reconstruct and build a modern house and rent it (like me). 

It’s difficult to look for a house of my choice now. When it’s done by a builder they all seem to have the same taste and when it’s been renovated my people themselves then it takes time. 

Do you think that the builders have taken away the old charm? They find it easier to make these white and grey houses? Demolish the authenticity! When homes next to mine are stronger for more that 200 years.

What do you think? Leave a comment if you feel builders and big companies are forcing us  not to have our own creativity! 


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