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A Sun-drenched summer -Lagos!

​A great summer of golden beaches, mystical caves, good food, good wine – Lagos Portugal

Lagos, 1st thing people say, you’re going to Nigeria for a vacation!? Well, not this year.  My husband & I went adventuring to Lagos this summer; located in the far south west of Portugal, everyone enjoys the southern lifestyle here, barely venturing towards the West Coast of Portugal – so that is exactly where we went.

We hired a car for a week from Faro and drove down to our apartment in Lagos. Driving over the dry summer landscape of Portugal, it was great to see something further away from the main town and getting the chance to take a moment to think.

Drive from Faro to Lagos

Our apartment was across Meia Praia beach. The beach is calm, it’s probably a little longer than the other half  of Alvor. You will find a few beach bars and restaurants. You should try Anchovy and Cavala at this small surfers restaurant (Rodizio de Peixe) the owner is super sweet and he was nice enough to offer us something that he was having for dinner and it was delicious, authentic Portuguese cuisine. We stuck around at the beach until dinner, soaking in the sun and swimming in the calm sea. 


Kayaking our way into the caves, a beautiful way to explore the creativity of nature. We landed ourselves to an unknown beach and snorkelled there until sunset. The golden beach and golden sky is so peaceful. 

Being in Portugal and not going to the tip of Europe! It’s a dead-end in the road for many travelers, from here, the road itself dead-ends into the great Atlantic Ocean.  A place rich in history that began at a time when exploring the great unknown was a life-long pursuit. This was thought to be the ‘End of the world’ because this is the southernwestern most point in Portugal and there is nothing but the ocean and horizon. If you love trekking and adventure there is a guy who takes you there on beaten path. Tells you stories of how the cliff was formed etc. Unfortunately we got to know about  him only later. 

End of Europe

Sitting at the edge of the cliff, watching the Atlantic and looking at the dancing dolphins from up above, fishermen fishing was tanquilizing. 

Atlantic ocean

There are definatinely numerous beaches in Lagos, Dona Ana, Camilo, Batata etc. we spent a good day in Pinhão just enough space for a few people, walking through the caves, it’s perfect for surfing, the waves are high enough and you don’t need to travel too far if your just a beginner at surfing.

Secluded beach between the caves
 You need to trek down to reach the beach, there are no bars or restaurants at the beach, we packed up on some sandwiches and beer, all set to spend the whole day with the waves. 


If your a dog lover like us, you will get to meet a few dogs playing in the sea, there are not many just a few running around doing their own thing!
After the sunset, wander into the old town, elegant narrow streets filled with graffiti, souvenir stores and numerous cafes and bar. Absorb yourself in some green wine & some fresh seafood delicacy of your choice or even Pizza if you tend to miss your fastfood, meet fellow travellers and indulge in the beauty of Portugal.

Old town
We also went golfing one day. There is a neat mini golf just behind the old town where you can experience playing golf. This was my first time and I lost by 5 points, but who cares I had a great time.
I was so much in love with the beach, caves and kayaking, I wanted more. We drove down to Benagil Beach to see the most famous Benagil Cave, also known as the grutto. This was our second attempt reaching there, on the first visit the tide was high and we couldn’t get inside the cave, but two days later when the tide was low we went into the caves and every cave is so amazing. 

Heart shaped cave
Needless to say Benagil sea beach cave was brilliant, but I have to say the other caves were much better, completely secluded and to reach the beach we need to walk through the caves! I’m so happy to have experienced something so adventurous! 

Benagil cave

Meia Praia  
10 days was not enough for us. We are definitely going back! 


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