Art · Colouring · Meditation · Passion

Colouring for happiness

Very recently I was wondering how to get connected to my childhood passion of colouring. I have always loved art and crafts but was really bad at drawing. While stumbling I came across #secretgardencoloringbook and immediately ordered if from #amazon.
When it arrived, it was amazing! Turning the pages gave me so much happiness, the colours to be used, everything just so calm and wonderful.

Colouring makes us so peaceful. It’s one of the best therapy to keep yourself calm and focused.

In process

I simply love to colour! Colours are so much fun, it’s OK to be a child once in awhile, go back to your roots, relive your past, or even create a new hobby which doesn’t have an objective.

Colouring makes me so happy! One of the best way to express yourself!

#colouring #colouringbookforadults #secretgardencolouringbook #amazon# meditation #innerpeace


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